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Friday, 24 August 2012


Camera: Minolta X-7A + Asahi Super-Takumar 55mm f1.8
© Photo by Lian Leng

Loved her velvet tshirt! I've always wanted one of those tight crop Ts~ 
So when she told me she'd just bought it from American Apparel, I headed there right after the photoshoot and got myself one as well :)
Occupation: photography student
Velvet crop tee: American Apparel 
Skirt: Pacsun ~only 5$!
Shoes: Aldo
Bag: H&M
Earrings: Anthropologie (flower), Durumi (diamond)


  1. thanks for sharing.

  2. hi! what filter have you used on these pictures??? (love them btw) x x x x


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