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Monday, 19 March 2012

Paul, Hanna, & Laurie

Cameras: Canon TL & Hasselblad
Films: Solaris 400 & Portra 400 CN
© Photo by Lian Leng

 © Illustrations by Qin Leng

@ Queen Street West

What an amazing trio~
Being a twin myself, I can't hide my excitement when I see twins!

Occupation: Paul Watling is a storyboard supervisor at Elliott, and Hanna Hur (left) & Laurie Kang (right) are both visual artists 
Favorite items: Oxford shirt from Ralph Lauren (Paul), vintage boots and jacket (Laurie), pants "cuz they're just black" :)  (Hanna)


  1. i really like your blog! especially this post! i'm missing toronto dearly right now, so i'm glad i stumbled across your page~~~~~~~~

  2. thx so much~ Perhaps this blog will make you want to come back to TO some time for vacation :)
    I'll be posting more tomorrow so stay tuned!

  3. Great photo! Love the outfits especially everyone's boots! Will be checking out the rest of your blog too!



  4. Feelin' ur stuff. Came up on my feed via Asia. Super DOPE! Keep it up ladies.


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