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About Us

This blog is about two twin sisters showcasing their love of fashion and the amazing street style of Toronto through illustrations and analog photography.

Toronto Street Fashion - Interview with CBC News for "Our Toronto"
Watch the full interview HERE

Lian, the photographer, has a mechanical engineering degree and is currently doing her postdoc in bioengineering at Harvard.

Photography Portfolio/Editorial work 
@ lian-leng.com

Interview with Inner Space - Space Channel
Watch full interview HERE

Qin, the artist, is a background design supervisor @ 9Story and a freelance artist/illustrator for children's book.

You can find her amazing work @
Qin Leng Illustrations

Also, prints of pretty much any of her artworks are available upon request!
Contact her directly at  qin.leng@gmail.com

How it all began....
It all started with my sister (Lian)'s fascination for film cameras. She started collecting them a few years back and they were starting to collect dust on our shelf.
And have you ever had that moment, when you see this person walking on the street, wearing this amazing outfit, and would just like to go up to her and say 'Hey! love your style', or find a way to remember what a character he/she was?
So finally, Lian decided to just go and ask them, why not, and take photographs so we could show the world how eclectic and original fashion can be, when people take it in their own hands and make it their own.
I wanted to take part in it as well, but being shy as I am, I took the easy way and while she is running around the city, looking for people, I sit patiently at home, waiting for the films to develop, so I can doodle some of them!

We usually post new photos and illustrations once a week, so bookmark us, share us, save us, help us spread the word about  'Toronto Street Fashion'!

thanks guys!

For any questions, please contact us at  lian.leng@gmail.com


  1. Hey ladies, you guys are so boss!
    I plan on hosting a bloggers get-together downtown Toronto. I am sending you an e-mail. Let me know if you are interested!

  2. Hey gals,
    Love your blog! My name is Ana and I work for Academy of Design's marketing team.
    We have our Fashion, Wine & Cheese Info Session on August 13 at 6:00pm. This is a great opportunity for those who want to enter into the fashion industry!

    We are giving away tickets to the Steven and Chris show to the first 5 guests that arrive.

    You can find all the details here: https://aodfashionwine.eventbrite.com

    Check out photos from our last info session: snapd.at/eexehp

  3. your blog is really great! I'm trying to find/connect other toronto style bloggers! glad I found yours through Asia Clarke! check mine out when u get a chance <3


  4. Hey, I am looking to add interviews to my blog and I will love to meet up and talk art!

    My blog is called The Purple Life, www.thepurplelife.ca

    1. Hi Joanna,

      thanks for contacting us! We would love to meet. Please contact us at lian.leng@gmail.com and we can set something up~

  5. Hey! You girls lived in Montreal before right? I think I have met one of you before. I live in New York now. I'm so happy I found your blog and seeing the great photography! Very exciting! Keep shooting!



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