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Collaborations/Event Photography

Contact us at:   lian.leng@gmail.com
for any event photography/private photoshoot inquiries

Canon Blanc ~ Boutique Interview
Click HERE for the full interview

Men's Fashion Photoshoot with Tyler Wyles
Click HERE for full photoshoot - Part 1
Click HERE for full photoshoot - Part 2

Wild Moon Jewelry 
Click HERE for full photoshoot

NYLON Magazine - Street Fashion 
Click HERE for full photoshoot

Mama Loves You Vintage - Boutique 
Interview and Photoshoot
Click HERE for full photoshoot

Garrison Bespoke - VIP client event
Click HERE for full photoshoot

Photoshoot for American Apparel
Fall collection 1 (click HERE for full photoshoot)

Fall collection 2 (click HERE for full photoshoot)

HANABI Fashion Show
click HERE for full photoshoot

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