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Friday, 16 March 2012

Annika & Shige

Camera: Minolta X-7A & Hasselblad
Film: Fujicolor 400 & Portra 400CN
© Photo by Lian Leng

@ Kensington Market

These two were such a pleasure to shoot! Really two sweet hearts, I'd love to run into them again some day.
When I asked them about their favorite item, Annika took out of her bag this lovely hand knitted sweater she received from her teacher in Norway during her stay there. It got so hot that day that she ended up taking it off and didn't have it on in the first shot. But as I requested for a 2nd shot of her sweater, she insisted on wearing it.

Notice my backpack on the ground, hiding her shoes....tsk tsk tsk, very unprofessional of me... 

The last shot was a lucky one. I actually wasn't looking through the viewfinder at all and pressed the shutter by mistake as I was setting up the camera.. glad it turned out fine !

Name: Annika & Shige
Hair: love that half shaved hair style... shaved hair on both guys and girls just does it for me
Favorite item: Annika -- sweater, Shige -- vintage washed out pink corduroy jacket from Japan (2nd hand for only 30$!!!) and green suede shoes from Japan as well.

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