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Thursday, 14 June 2012

~ Japan in film ~

Camera: Minolta X-7A
Film: Fujicolor 400
Osaka ~ Dotombori
© Photo by Qin Leng

Camera: Minolta X-7A

Film: Ferrania Solaris 800
Kyoto ~ Fushimi Inari
© Photo by Qin Leng
 Kyoto ~ Uzumasa

Film: Agfa Vista 400
Kyoto ~ Gion
© Photo by Qin Leng
Gion~Geisha walking away.
They are so hard to catch! Speed walking from place to place, trying to avoid tourists. I really feel terrible for them, as tourists don’t hesitate to run after them to take their pictures, following them as far as they can!
There's even been been reports of geisha tripping and hurting themselves while trying to run away from harassing tourists…

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