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Tuesday, 11 September 2012

~ Vienna Trip ~

Camera: Minolta X-7A with Asahi Super-Takumar 55mm f1.8 
Film: Fujicolor 400

So this is the main reason I haven't been posting much the past week~

I have been busy attending a Conference on Tissue Engineering (yes, this is my other and real job) in no other place than the beautiful Vienna!!! How lucky is that! In between attending talks and giving presentations, I managed to capture a few shots and hopefully can give you a sense of how magical this city really is~

© Photo by Lian Leng
Hofburg Centre ~ Historical Library~
This is where the Conference took place! Absolutely breath taking!
Inside one of the Presentation Room, large enough to seat 500 people! (and that wasn't even the largest room they had)

~Historical Library where the Conference Banquet was held~
The details and the scale of those murals is just out of this world!

Inside and View from the tallest tower of St Stephen's Cathedral.
Climbed a total of 364 steps to get to the top! Although exhausting, it was well worth it as you can see~

~Last night in Vienna at a charming pub~

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  1. Vienna is really a good spot for vacation.. :)


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