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Thursday, 15 November 2012


Camera: Minolta X-7A + Asahi Super Takumar 55mm f1.8
Film: Konica Minolta Centuria 400, expired
© Photo by Lian Leng, Illustration by Qin Leng
She was absolutely adorable and I really liked her natural look.
Unfortunately, there was a little mishap with my film roll and I could only save a close up of her purse. I wasn't as lucky with her full body shot so I've asked Qin to do an illustration of her look from memory ~
Occupation: Student in journalism
Polo shirt: Lacoste for men
Shorts: Value Village
Shoes: Forever21
Purse: India


  1. It's Pema!! I love this and her =). I'm so glad she's on here. She has the cutest style and is the sweetest little thing!


    1. Thx!!! She was such a pleasure to photograph and talk to! Seriously a natural beauty~


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