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Thursday, 13 December 2012

HANABI ~ Fashion Show ~ Overview of an Amazing Night

Last Sunday, I went to HANABI, a fashion event organized by Shuntaro Kurakake.
Shuntaro studied fashion design at Antwerp Royal Academy of Fine Arts (Belgium), and Saint Martins School of Art (London). Upon his return to Japan and working for H&M as an expansion manager, he quickly discovered his interest for fashion business. With the interest to support young fashion and jewelry designers, he has organized, after only one year in Toronto, two fashion events (including HANABI) to showcase works from young artists. 
After 4-5 months of hard work and a team of five leaders along with over 20 volunteers, HANABI was finally brought to us, with the collaboration of 13 designers, 9 musicians/bands, make up by Atelier May, hair by Hair Happiness, and many more.
Towards the end of our interview, Shuntaro left me on this intriguing statement: "With a team of young designers and artists, I wanted to create a fashion show that would be more experimental and innovative, giving a new perspective to the fashion world. You'll understand when you see it".
And was he right!  The fashion show by Atelier Susumu was a pure work of art!
The designs, airy and loose, highly inspired by Japanese Kimono, were beautiful, with just enough lines to give a general aesthetic and frame to the body, but enough room for movement and comfort. 
I also particularly loved those Tabi boots by CoolEastMarket. They were wonderfully with Atelier Susumu's collection.
The fashion show itself was simply out of this world! A collaboration with Japanese contemporary dancers, a cello musician, and a great team of young creative artists and models made it a pure pleasure not only to the eye, but all our senses. An experience of its own, making me realize how fashion show can be so much more!  Simply brilliant! 
© Photos by Lian Leng
Analog camera: Minolta X-7A
Film: Solaris 800

Tabi boots by CoolEastMarket

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