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Tuesday, 27 August 2013

~ WildMoon Photoshoot ~

© Photos by Lian Leng
Analog cameras: Olympus OM-2  & Hasselblad 503CX
Film: Ektar 100 & 160
I still remember it as if it was yesterday, when I first photographed Asia Clarke almost a year ago, back in the days when I had just begun my street fashion blog and still found it challenging to approach strangers. But Asia was just that type of girl, full of energy with a really open personality that made it so easy to talk to. Back then, I was already attracted by her amazing style and unique jewelry (which she designs herself). Ever since, I have been following her amazing work through her jewelry line WildMoon, and decided it was about time we got together with her sister Mecha and have some fun with a photoshoot!


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