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Monday, 23 September 2013

Grand Challenges ~ Vote for my Research!

Vote & Support my Research Please!
Hi everyone, 
so this isn’t really my usual type of post, but I need your support for my research and a grant competition I am taking part in. 
I’m currently completing my PhD in mechanical engineering, at the University of Toronto.
For the last few years, I have been working on developing a device able to create artificial skin. Now collaborating with the largest burn unit in Canada at SunnyBrook hospital, I am hoping for my research to help patients with severe burn covering over 40% of their body.
I need your support in order to win funding! The more votes, the more chances we have to get funded!
All you need to do is spend 5 second to go HERE and click the Like button to vote! EVERY single vote counts!!!
Lastly, it would be so appreciated if you could help by spreading the word through social media, and friends, that would be great!
 Thank you all!
If you are curious to learn more about what I do, HERE is an interview I did recently with “InnerSPACE”

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